Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Location: Washington D.C.
Year of completition

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Location: Washington, DC, USA Year of Proposal: 2009 In 2009 we participated in an international architectural competition to design a new building for Embassy of Czech Republic in Washington, DC, USA. Land has a unique natural and landscape quality which needed to be respected. We decided to suppress the relatively large mass of the building, in order not to become a barrier in the park view. We designed the building as a bloc, partly embedded below ground with the green roof. The rest, we situated to the three higher-standing buildings and oriented to the slope of the land field. In western side, where the object is highest, the building has entrance with motifs of the national character of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. To guarantee good security we separated residential part and representative office. Thanks to the height difference of the eastern and western end of the lower floor the western part is completely embedded, but on the east side the same floor is above the terrain. Into the embedded part of the floor, we put all the technical and operating rooms. Representive part in the main hall is accessible directly from the terrace. The middle part is a central comunication spine that runs from south to north side, serving to employees and official and representative actions. It is accessesible by a monumental ramp. Housing section is located above the top floor where the roof shape allows to have large terraces.