Kitchen Felix from Cloud Idea Collection

Client: HALLA a.s.
Location: Prague
Year of completition: 2013
Photo: Jonáš Mlejnek

Collection inspired by clouds and their shape diversity. Collection has airy lightness and it is floating in the space. The interior is filled with a object but with a minimum of material used. The mass fills the space, but without giving heavy feelings. We use two opposite colors white and black, which are based on color mood of dusk and dawn. It is designed with no sharp edges which are tempting to touch. The collection is designed primarily to private interiors and furniture elements are basic facilities in every household. Kitchen, dining table, desk and shelves . We tried to design these well known household’ s elements in a way the user does not yet know.

Kitchen elegantly combines two user-defined functions. Higher level serves as a cooking island with additional workspace associated with the main kitchen counter which is usually placed parallel behind the island. The lower part serves as a dining table for six people. Higher desktop is universally ready for cook-top or kit-chen sink placement. The length of the island is 4920 mm and the widest part is 970 mm. Worktop height is 900 mm and 760 mm is height of the dining part. Kitchen design is made from aluminum sheet covered with white Corian Glacier in 12 and 6 mm thickness shaped by termoforming technology. The aim was to design an aesthetically powerful and well
remember solitaire, which would combine two functions: cooking and dinning. Shape is based on the nature of logical layout of the weight. Despite the rational approach outcome gives artistic impression. The shape of the kitchen can be captured in one line.