Client: Allianz
Location: Opava
Year of completition: 2012

Allianz, in 2012 decided to innovate the existing locations and expand the network of insurance office branches. The aim of the project was to create a strong corporate identity and distinguish client from the competition. IO Studio has prepared an innovative concept and proposed silver branch series, which has become a mainstay of the new concept. About 100 branches will be implemented in the Czech Republic in coming 3 years. The concept includes other variants too, gold and bronze, names are related to investment cost of the project. Allianz use an entirely new type of commercial space for its business, which is the open space of shopping malls. Allianz uses kiosk designed by our studio, which is a detached unit in a shopping center catching the eye in the busy commercial environment with its strong branding. To attract the attention of passing clients we used visually bold design expression. Kiosk is designed to be recognizable, and to be easily found by clients. The original curves are uniquely designed for Allianz and become elements of the corporate identity. Equipment and functional solution completely replaces the “brick and mortar” shop, its space takes approximately one quarter of average-sized stores. 
It consists of a front countertop, incorporated private zone and back storage part with a visibly positioned company logo. It is designed for two sales representative and with two client seats. These places are in the elevated position.
By placing private zone lower in the kiosk body we create certain degree of privacy for clients while contradicting the concept on the principle of the bar counter. Materials used for the kiosk are Corian Glacier White in combination with silver Corian Silveritte.
Design uses a deliberately aggressive sharp features. The front has more comlpex shape and is interestingly compiled while back part has a clear and more intuitive design.