Location: Prague 1
Year of completition: 2012

Photographer: Alexander Dobrovodský

As the interior has been already determined by the type and color of the flooring, the shape of the doors and frames, small contemporary details it was expected from us only to design the functional parts and select a ready-made furniture and interior accessories. This is the direction we did not wanted to go and so we decided to design own collection of furniture solitaires whichwoul be custom-made. Interior defsign o Legal Bernard offices are based on the needs to move from the conventional concept of theclassical Law Society interior. The contract became particularly interesting from the beginning because we had limited opportunity to make a change with only a few pieces of furniture designed which woul change mood of the existing interior and dramatically transform its current form. Each individual piece is therefore created with approach to function by itself and independently of the surroundings. In the space these creates the impression of an objects that captures your attention and its aesthetic solution can dominate the surrounding area and induce its own mood. The room is completed with a large-screen graphic designs digitally rendered 3D models of furnituredesigned in various positions and detail by Jan Padysak.