The bookshelf consists of three enclosed components placed above each other, where each part may be used separately. The front is characterized by a distinctive thick edge which forms a closed broken line depicting the distinctive zig zag structure. The drawn polyline in horizontal section consists of a shelf with book supports. This creates a graphical solution which is as well construction solution because horizontal shelves are reinforced with vertical side holdbacks. The aim was to design a functional and original bookshelf with large usage space.
Bookshelf gives decorative impression, and visually acts on the wall like wallpaper graphic. The front edge is illuminated by interior light and shelves in contrast are in the shadow which adds to the expressive impression. Library therefore benefit from plastic solution through deep shelves act as a rich structure.
The library is designed from MDF board. Back thick MDF board, 25 mm is hung on the wall and perpendicular to it are attached the various shelves that are designed from lightweight MDF board thickness, 38 mm. Shelf depth is of 340 mm format and the whole bookshelf is 3140 mm x 2550 mm. The surface has the clear finish to show the natural texture and color of MDF board, which is the reminiscent to the old paper board.