Client: IO Studio
Year of Completion: 2011-2014
Photo: Alexander Dobrovodský

The table is designed as a work desk with use for normal domestic
purposes or representative needs. Desk support authority of person
sitting behind. The table has a maximum lightness, since the design form
is adapted to the structure and therefore the table can do without other
supporting legs and the user space is not disturbed or limited.
The front face visually hides the legs of sitting person, but as well plays
a significant role in the design and create interesting shape solution and
table strength. Elegant shape is naturally based on the optimal geometry
of the structure and gives to the table dynamic and lightness. Most of
the mass is floating above the floor.
The table allows to add additional chairs and offers comfortable and
functional use of cantilevered worktop to serve up to four other people.
Table can partially substitute for the conference table.
Table length is 3380 mm, the widest point is 960 mm and 750 mm is
the height. The coating is made of Corian Deep Nocturne by using
termoforming technology. It is designed as double coating of he inner
bearing aluminum structure.
Table space creates the impression of an object. Attracts attention and
can dominate the surrounding area and naturally.

Shape conception of this wall shelf is based on the simple idea of
material rotation. Shelf can be build by any number of separate
„stripes“ placed vertically above each other. By rotating each strip
from a vertical to a horizontal position arises a shelf. The height
of the overall object is determined by the number of individual
strips. When using multiple stripes, it forms rectangular format that
creates the illusion of a large paper cuts. This simple, minimalist
idea used here makes this object the simplest element of the whole
furniture collection. On the wall this shelf gives the impression of
a painting or art sculpture.
Single strip is 4000 mm long, height of the strip is 280 mm and depth
of the shelf is 300 mm. It is made of Corian Deep Nocturne using
thermoforming technology and with visually hidden supporting
steel structure for attachment to the wall.