Client: competition
Location: Prague
Year of completition: 2009

Client: private City: Praha Year of proposal: 2008 The house is designed for family with 3 to 4 members. The main mass of the house is designed in a half- moon shape and it ends in the southwestern corner wirh S-shaped curve which smoothly change to lower part and creates a garden wing of the house. Ground floor consists of living room and kitchen and small dining area oriented to the southwest. We put emphasis on the large living room, which is the basis of family life in the house. In the upper floor are bed rooms with orientation to the south. House has no sharp corners or edges. Gently curved layot of the interior allows smooth energy flow. Family life takes place behind big horizontal window and all the activities can get a maximum of natural light. To have a studio, was one of the client’s requirements, so we incorporated it into a building. Studio become part of the house and formed a specific and distinctive exterior which shows the individual client’s personality.The interior feel more like a garden than the house. Boundaries between inside and outside are deliberately suppressed. Interior design was designed simultaneously with the house. Another key element of the proposal is a lightweight glass shell oriented to the southwest, which in winter provides extra solar energy. In summer, indoor temerature comfort is assured by the external cellular fabric, which prevents from overheating of the interior.