Client: IO Studio
Year of Completion: 2015
Photo: Jonáš Mlejnek

This seating furniture collection is designed for primarily waiting or relaxation zones in public buildings, shopping centers, schools and institutions. Its appearance prompts the user not only to sit back and relax, but also to get away from the hectic surroundings. It creates the illusion of place in the middle of the forest full of stumps covered with soft mossy and lichen cushions. It allow to slip out of the presence and reality of everyday life and recharge the energy. The collection consists of the four elements of furniture: oval sofa, circular sofa, taboret and a coffee table. In the interior, it can be applied individually or together in various formations. These formations can be used in any space. Construction is designed from plywood with added upholstery foam and upholstery may be done in various types of coatings.