Client: STONES CATERING s.r.o.
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Year of Completion: 2015
Photo: Alexander Dobrovodský

Red CAFÉ is located in the Vodafone headquarters. Therefore, the investor’s request was to work with corporate red color. This space change its function depending on the time of the day. At lunch it serves as a restaurant mostly to Vodafone employees, outside of lunch time it is like a bistro or cafe. This transformation of the interior had to be adapted to the mood of the interior. Besides that, it offers to visitors a space for informal meetings.The restaurant offers clients the quality of fresh products and that is why the interior is made in high-quality natural materials. Its pallets is composed from birch and oak wood, porcelain and wool. The interior works with gently color gradations and therefore it looks like a dream. Fragility of the interior is made by motive of wavy plywood and porcelain lights. It brings into interior the gentle feminine element and it evokes knitted sweater. A significant element of the interior are lights made of white porcelain designed by IO Studio. Lights also carry flowers and brings green in the central part of the space. Light shield is created by using two identical porcelain tiles. The interior is designed in soft cream colors so the final look has cream-colored veil.