Client: Competition
Location: Taipei, China
Year of completition: 2009

Client: PRC Location: Taipei Year of Proposal 2009 This is proposal for a music center done for the international architectural competition in 2009. In 2012, in Taipei City will have new musical and cultural center focusing on contemporary Taiwanese music production. Competition’s documentation includes design of the main building with a music hall for 3,000 spectators and with the possibility to change it into the hall with a capacity of 6000 spectators. Standing indoor and outdoor stage is for 15,000 spectators. The main building is a multifunctional complex that integrates library space, exhibition galleries, hall of fame with multi-function exhibition space, shop center with cafes and restaurants, office space and administrative section and recording studios. These buildings are situated on two separate sites with a total area 9HA, which are separated by the busy traffic. Connecting them has become a key issue in the design and influenced the overall architectural and urban solutions. Part of the task was a proposal for a park, where we intended to place five smaller scenes and outdoor spaces for recreation and commercial use. Task was to create a unique piece of architecture and give the symbol to Taipei, which would as well become the symbol of Taiwan