Vodafone Data Shop Ostrava

Client: Vodafone
Location: Ostrava, OC Nová Karolína
Year of completition: 2012
Awards: A’Design Awards 2014
Photo: Alexander Dobrovodský

The aim was to create a flagship Vodafone store with strong corporate message, that is completely beyond the classical concept of stores. Well-known corporate logo “drop in the circular pattern ” is developed from a 2D graphic display on the floor into the central 3D object from corian forming organic walls and ceiling. Logo will dynamically surround you and will define the stores into separate functional zones. The customer is not confronted with the open space store filled with a set of furniture shelves, but there is an adventure and discovery tour ahead, during which he has the opportunity to experience an extraordinary experience. The interior is complemented with atypically designed furniture.
The central object is made of Corian with thickness 6 and 12mm at the ends are reinforced by using Corian sheathed steel ribs, partially hanged from the ceiling on steel strands and at the bottom it is anchored to the floor. Due to the shape and design complexity and especially the generous size of the proposed object this represent a unique technology of its kind.
Design deliberately builds on previously realized interiors that we done for this company in the Czech Republic in the past and it contribute to corporate identity we helped to create.