Client: private client
Location: Prague
Year of completition: 2013

Award: Bronze A‘ Design Award 2014 in Category Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design

Photo: Alexander Dobrovodský

Our studio has been approached by the client at the time when the majority of the main construction work was completed. We were given the task to design a number of architecturally exposed elements and small furniture to sort the existing layout. Furthermore, the family had a significant amount of historical furniture and accessories that should be part of the newly created interior. Therefore, the entire designing process was narrowed to solve a coloring of materials and the design of several atypical solitaires, especially the kitchen, storage space, radiator covers, upper gallery library, doors, design study and cloakroom for the lady of the house and bathroom designs including stand alone bathroom sink. The assignment was very interesting because we had to merge the bold design of IO Studio production and sensitively integrate it to the current „conservative“ type of interior.