Red Cafe

Client: Zátiší Group a.s.
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Year of Completion: 2014

Award: Restaurant and Bar Design Awards Shortlisted 2015
Photo: Alexander Dobrovodský

Red Cafe is located at the Vodafone headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. Therefore, the investor’s request was to work with corporate red color. The space is designed as an office canteen, serving lunch mostly to Vodafone employee, besides that it offers to visitors a space for informal meetings and a seating area. Challenge in designing was an aim to create a space in its corporate philosophy with a wit and originality. The aim was to create a space which would be easily remembered. The impression experience for visitors should not only be in the experience of the great food, but from unusual interior. The material and color palette uses natural oak, black iron and warm red accent The interior is inspired from the home kitchen environment. Familiar objects are converted into icons. It stylizes familiar elements into simple forms. By changing the natural scale it shifts the perception of these elements to be cheerful and graphic symbols. The interior is built on eight iconic elements: ceiling lights, roasting pan with internal neon, lights as brooms, window screen shades as spoons, small pot shelves, cloth design on tapestried benches, columns covered by cutlery tiles, mirrors and board in meat cutting board shape.