Atrium extension of Business and Economics Faculty of Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague

Client: Economics Faculty of Czech University of Life Science in Prague
Location: Provozně ekonomická fakulta ČZU. Kamýcká 129, Prague 6
Year of completition: 2012 – 2015

Photographer: Martin Kocich

Campus of Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Suchdol was built in the 60s of the last century and represents an exceptional example of urban and landscape creation of that time. Campus includes the rector’s office, classrooms, laboratories, lecture hall etc. The entire complex is built in a architectural style of neofunctionalism, which is recognized by reinforced concrete frame with inserted sheet, cladded with mosaic tiles. Buildings of individual faculties are distinguished from each other by color of the mosaic. Thanks to the consistent format and window structure, it creates a unified style for all individual buildings. Before the start of Atrium construction, building of Faculty of Economics and adjacent building of lecture hall were interconnected by connecting corridor. Place for atrium is now located in the place of former connecting corridor. Basic functions of Atrium were to connect two parts of a faculty and to enhance place for relaxation and social activities. The design of Atrium has a continuity to the existing architecture of the surrounding buildings and creates a natural connection between the building Faculty of Economics and the lecture pavilion. It fits into an existing context. Its shape comes from the surrounding buildings. We applied same skeleton structural system like surrounding buildings from 60s. Building is situated ideally on the site and therefore students gain access to the northern part of the garden that was previously closed for students. The supporting structure of the building is made from reinforced concrete. Supporting columns are of constant cross section of 350mm x 350mm. Ceiling structure of the 1st and 2nd floor is made by reinforced concrete in 300mm thickness. The roof has flat design. Facades are designed as visible reinforced concrete walls with structural glass. Inner space is without paint and exposes a texture of concrete. Floors are made from concrete. All the interior furniture is designed by IO Studio. We used only natural material, oak, leather and steel.