Client: IO Studio s.r.o.
Location: Prague
Year of completition: 2013
Photo: Jonáš Mlejnek

The table is designed as a dining table, but the table- top design with a socket is also used in meeting rooms. It is designed for up to 10 people. The longest part of the table has 2920 mm at the widest point has 1200 mm. Table height is 760 mm. The bottom base is designed from steel sheet of 8 mm and the individual plates are firmly set together. The final surface has comaxite fnish. The table top is made ​​of clear tempered glass with thickness of 12 mm.
The shape of the base is built on the principle of the folded paper, which adds construction strength. Several necessary breaks allow sufficient reinforcement to the base. With minimal conceptual approach I achieved the maximum artistic effect with easy manufacturing process.
Roughly chopped shape of broken plates design in white color gives the impression that the table is constructed of paper rather than steel. The upper plate oval clear glass table adds delicacy, allowing to see the shape of the legs from all angles.
Table gives the impression of an object which can dominate the surrounding area.