Table Zuzana From Cloud Idea Collection

Client: HALLA a.s.
Location: Prague
Year of completition: 2013
Photo: Jonáš Mlejnek

Table Zuzana is designed for large meeting and conference rooms, but also for normal household use. It offers space for 12 people. The bottom base is designed from ribbed construction and designed with aluminum sheet in thickness of 8 mm. Consequently the design of both side is coated with white Corian Glacier, 6 and 12 mm. The top desk is made of clear tempered glass with thickness of 10mm, which is inserted into the slot in the way that the glass is aligned with the edge of the table. The shape is dimensionally adapted to the inner supporting steel rod, which hardens the entire table. The longest part of the table has 3310 mm and 1910 mm has the widest point. Table height is 760 mm .

Table Zuzana is designed to allow the viewer a rich visual view of the molded base while sitting. Plate made ​​of clear glass enables a view into the interior of the table. Plastically shaped base benefits from the effect of the light and shadows on the white surface of the shell. Delicate shades in combination with darker parts in the table cave gives interesting design experience.

Natural and spontaneous form follows the logic of the structural design is inspired by the funnel-shaped widening towards the floor and worktop. By dividing the central base into two parts I got two legs that are closer to the mid-position and in the opposite direction again spread apart. Transitions between these two parts create organically shaped shell.
Despite strong artistic impression, which acts as a sculpture, everything brings logic design and construction solution. When designing it, I was led by a strong need to create a highly individual aesthetic solitaire, which can be placed like art sculpture work in the interior and create independent solitaire in the surroundings.